10/19 Baltimore debuts sustainable Tiny House

Mobile Energy Education Center tiny house

Mobile Energy Education Center tiny house

It’s called the Tiny House, but don’t let the name and size fool you. The formal name of the Tiny House is the Mobile Energy Education Center.

It will serve as an example for how you should make your home more energy efficient and sustainable.

The Tiny House has insulation that increases the home’s resistance to energy loss, countertops made of recycled paper and bamboo cabinets. It also has a dual flush, low-flow toilet that saves water.

The Tiny House can be brought to communities throughout the city.

“The energy challenge uses a peer-to-peer community based model of engagement, meeting residents and businesses where they are and encouraging behavior change through education,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.

The design of the Tiny House is part of the Baltimore Energy Initiative, and was supported by the Baltimore Office of Sustainability and the Living Design Lab.

Watch the video http://www.abc2news.com/news/region/baltimore-city/sustainable-tiny-house-debuted-by-baltimore


Elaine Walker