10/16 Hadley tiny house owner in legal limbo over zoning regulations, may have to move

Sarah Hastings in her tiny house in Hadley, Massachusetts

Sarah Hastings in her tiny house in Hadley, Massachusetts

Mount Holyoke College graduate Sarah Hastings believes she has built an ideal living situation — kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom all in 190 square feet of living space with a beautiful bedroom-window view of the sunrise over Hadley farmland. It’s called a tiny house.

The only problem is that it is also illegal.

Timothy Neyhart, building commissioner and zoning enforcement officer for Hadley, said he was sympathetic to the tiny-house movement, which allows people to reduce their carbon footprint and simplify their lifestyle, but that both state and local zoning laws prohibit such structures in the way Hastings has hers set up.

“I am going to be giving her and the land owner a violation notice,” Neyhart said Friday. “I personally have no problems with tiny houses, but as the town official I have to enforce the zoning bylaws.”

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Elaine Walker