10/15 “If it’s on wheels,” says Wichita Building Dept, “it’s considered an RV, and the answer is no.”

Kyle and Danae Schmidt's tiny house in Hillsboro, Kansas

Kyle and Danae Schmidt’s tiny house in Hillsboro, Kansas

The tiny-house movement is starting to be felt in a tiny way in Wichita. But will it – or can it – take off?

This week, the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department received its first question about whether a tiny house on wheels would be allowed as a residence in Wichita. If it’s on wheels, director Thomas Stolz says, it’s considered an RV, and the answer is no.

“You can’t park an RV in the backyard and live out of it for more than four days in a row,” Stolz says. The department is already receiving complaints from neighborhoods about people living in RVs because of the economy, Stolz said, and people in the RVs have to then be told about the city’s ordinance….

[But at the end of the article, some hope!] “Catherine Johnson was wise to approach the city before building, he said: “Don’t spend money on something that would be illegal in Wichita.” But that doesn’t mean her case is closed. The city will be looking into tiny houses further. “We may have to modify the code to allow them. … If they’re safe, why not?”

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Elaine Walker