10/14 Hipsters need houses, too!

Hipster houses
Tiny houses have many a function in modern society. They can reduce our impact on the environment, transform a single-family property into a multifamily one, house the homeless, and fulfill our desire for adorableness.

Also: They can provide homes to those starry-eyed millennials flocking to job-filled cities where they’d have to crowd 10 to an apartment to afford a place on a starter salary. (Unless their first job is as a highly paid tech employee, in which case they’d probably need only two or three roommates.)

According to the New York Times, hipsters priced out of San Francisco have flocked to an industrial neighborhood of Oakland, “where the rates are increasing as well—so much so that young professionals are living in repurposed shipping containers while the homeless are lugging around coffinlike sleeping boxes on wheels.”

In fact, the younger set is living in “Containertopia,” “a village of 160-square-foot shipping containers like ones used in the Port of Oakland, CA…

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Elaine Walker

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