10/13 Student-built tiny house spins, follows the sun

tiny house on a circular track

Student-built tiny house spins around and follows the sun. (KPIX/CNN Newsource) To watch the video, click the link at the bottom of the post.

They say every house needs a strong foundation, right?

But not the home built by a group of graduate students in California.

Introducing the revolve house, that, yes, spins on a circular track to keep solar panels pointed directly at the sun.

“Initially we thought it was a little crazy,” Graduate student Martin Prado admitted.

“Revolve” is the brainchild of engineering students from Santa Clara University, who have been working on the prototype for years to enter the first “tiny house” contest this weekend in Sacramento, California.

A full revolution takes half an hour, so there is no getting dizzy inside the home.

By tracking the sun, the students say you can live off the grid because you will make way more electricity than you will use.

“So it gives you a boost of around 30 percent. And that’s at most on days when you don’t get much sun because it helps when it’s really cloudy,” Prado explained.

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