10/13 On Religious Grounds, Defense of a Tiny House Community

The Sanctuary at Green Street Church of Christ

The Sanctuary at Green Street Church of Christ in Nashville, TN

Skirting any legality of city zoning ordinances, Green Street Church allowed a group of homeless men to pitch tents on the church’s property. When it became obvious the encampment, now named The Sanctuary, was not going to stay imperceptible, property owners in the area began to pressure the city to take action. The Metro Department of Codes and Building Safety cited Green Street Church with code violations, and William “Tripp” Hunt, an attorney who represents many homeless individuals and was the acting attorney for Occupy Nashville, stepped in to provide legal representation for the church. On the grounds of Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, Green Street has continued to carry out its mission of serving the religious needs of its members.

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Elaine Walker