10/13 Mark Burton’s Tiny House and the Dream of Affordable Home Ownership

Mark Burton’s tiny house and Big Ben

Mark Burton’s tiny house and Big Ben

Mark Burton’s tiny house on wheels has caused quite a stir online and in the UK press — compact, ergonomic and ecological, you can take it anywhere! From the wilds of Scotland to London Town, this portable cabin can find a home (and even become your home, albeit a small one).

Burton also builds and designs customized static tiny houses [at Tiny House UK]. The tiny house movement is big in the US and Canada and Burton sees a real need for economy of living space in the UK as a solution to the housing crisis — in particular, with regard to the inaccessibility of the property ladder and the seemingly unreachable goal of young people becoming first-time home buyers…

Cheap to run, fully insulated and capable of being positioned in a small space (someone’s garden, perhaps) Burton’s tiny house provides all of life’s interior essentials. With a shower room, a loft-built double bed, a lounge and a kitchen area, there’s not a lot to mess up, and there’s just enough space to feel cozy and comfortable.

When positioned by a main, fully hooked up building, the tiny house need not be off-grid, as all its water and energy needs can be supplied by a system of connecting cables. (Keep in mind that currently you still need planning permission to erect a small dwelling in your garden or on land in the UK.)

If Burton’s vision of widely available compact living comes to pass, for the price of a deposit on a conventional property, you could have your own tiny home!

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