10/12 Dashing Tiny House Cost Young Couple $50K to Build

236 sq ft home of Brian and Joni Buzarde

236 sq ft home of Brian and Joni Buzarde

This angular cedar-clad trailer home isn’t the cheapest tiny house we’ve seen (no, it wasn’t built for $498.) But with a not-too-bonkers budget of $50,000, young couple Brian and Joni Buzarde managed to create a handsome mobile home that’s totally Dwell-approved. Though the pair designed and built the 236-square-foot abode with little to no construction experience, the result is polished.

The interiors feature birch-veneer plywood for walls, flooring, ceiling, and kitchen cabinets, along with special touches like built-in storage underneath floors, two skylights, a large sliding door with small deck, and the ultimate indulgence of a 55-inch flatscreen TV in the kitchen/living area.

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Elaine Walker