10/06 Old habits, new plans with a tiny house in the Mayday Experiment

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy's tiny house in progress

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy’s tiny house in progress

In many ways, my tiny house is not being built for who I am right now, but who I am striving to become. I know from experience that living in a small space forces new habits upon me, but how long will I keep them up? I hate having people in my home when it’s a mess and yet, my tendencies veer towards the slovenly, and I am far more likely to feel at home in chaos than a strictly ordered environment.

But is that who I am, or who I was? I know that I love the feeling of an orderly space, and take great joy in finding just the right nook or cranny to stash a supply or tool. The best part of planning the tiny house is thinking of each nook and cranny as an opportunity for storage…

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Elaine Walker