10/04 Micro-living in the US: The best tiny houses you can stay in

The tiny houses at Wee Casa, Colorado

The tiny houses at Wee Casa, Colorado

In the past few years, the tiny house – or micro-living – movement has been gaining pace. Particularly big in the US’s Pacific Northwest, the concept involves rejecting the notion that bigger is better, and instead simplifying and downsizing… to something incredibly compact.

To be truly “tiny”, a house should be smaller than 400 sq ft (intelligent use of space is key) – though many are much smaller, and some come on wheels.

If you’re not ready to commit to the tiny house lifestyle, you can just try it out for a night or two instead. All the options below come with their own shower rooms and kitchenettes.

Caravan, Portland, Oregon

At Portland’s first tiny house hotel, in Alberta Arts District, the six individually designed tiny houses are positioned around a fire pit. Groups of four can check into The Caboose, which fits a double bed above two bunks, and manages to squeeze in a sofa too. Couples, meanwhile, can cosy up in Rosebud, with its small double tucked into the eaves. Caravan is so popular its owners even offer tours.

Wee Casa, Lyons, Colorado

Just a few miles from the Rocky Mountains, Wee Casa currently has 17 tiny homes to choose from, with five more on the way for next spring. Designs range from the shipping container/trailer-style Atlas to Wee Casa 3, which resembles a Wendy house. While some have foldaway “Murphy” beds, others come with mezzanine sleeping areas.

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