10/03 Tiny house inspired by Nebraska’s settlers & recycled materials

tiny house of the Steinhausens

tiny house of the Steinhausens

Matt Steinhausen’s inspiration to build a tiny house was the early cabins of Nebraska settlers and the small hunting and fishing cabins along Nebraska’s rivers and lakes.

In the summer of 2014, his then-14-year-old son, Andrew, wanted a summer project and together they built a tiny house. Andrew was the driving force behind the project and did most of the work. The house is built entirely from recycled materials, mostly salvaged from area homes or barns that were being demolished. The only store-bought materials were some screws and sealant for a total investment of less than $200.

“I’ve seen many tiny houses online and on television, but I’ve yet to see one that is constructed entirely from repurposed materials, off-the-grid without plumbing or electricity, and portable,” Steinhausen said.

The Steinhausens’ tiny house has an open floor plan and a cathedral ceiling. A woodburning stove heats the house, and candles provide light at night. “Pocket windows” are a unique feature. Each window is a single sash, and the sashes slide up into the wall cavity.

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Elaine Walker