"A small backyard is still a backyard and you can use it to create a cozy, charming place where you will gladly spend your free time and shut out the world. "

10 Beautiful Design Ideas For Tiny Backyards

We have all seen those breathtaking backyards that seem to go for miles, with their rose gardens, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and huge playgrounds. However a small backyard is still a backyard and you can use it to create a cozy, charming place where you will gladly spend your free time and shut out the world.

Who needs acres on acres when you can really do wonders with that small piece of land behind your house? If you have no idea how to decorate your backyard and turn it into your personal heaven on Earth, here are several top-notch ideas that will surely inspire you. 

1. Install a fire pit

Nothing says cozy as much as sitting by the fire with a glass of wine or a cup of cocoa. Now, the best part about small yards is that they already have that homey feel to them, and when you add a fire pit to the equation surrounded by a well-designed sitting area, you have got yourself an adorable place you will never want to leave.

2. Use every inch

You are probably dreaming about those huge yards that have an outdoor area, dining area as well as a romantic greenhouse. Well, who says you can have all of that in your own backyard? You just need to make it multi-purpose. Put a dining table with chairs in the middle, hang a swing chair in the corner, plant beautiful flowers next to the fence (or put them in vases if your yard is in tiles) and you will have a dining area, romantic hang out spot and a garden all at once. Just use your imagination and turn your backyard into something amazing. 

3. Level-up!

The best way to create the illusion of a larger backyard is with a multi-level landscape. This design will allow you to designate each level to a different purpose. For example, when you walk out the door you can read a book in your sitting area, and on the bottom level, you can entertain your guests in your dining area. Depending on the size of your yard, you can make two, three or more levels. 

4. Simple, not crowded

Maybe you always wanted to have a swimming pool, a barbecue and a garden in your backyard but your house simply didn’t come with such a large space behind it. The worst thing you could do is try to jam everything in and make it cluttered. The trick to a well-designed yard is to make compromises wherever you can. Make peace with the fact that you will never have a pool, and instead opt for a lovely patio with a freestanding hot tub. 

5. Build a small fountain

No one says that fountains have to take up a ton of room! Of course, when someone mentions a fountain our mind goes directly to Rome, but you can build one in your backyard that will still have that calming effect in spite of its modest size. Place solar lanterns around it, and it will become the focal point of your gorgeous yard.

6. Minimalism is in style

You want to have a gorgeous yard with minimal effort? It is so easy! Just put a garden bench under the trees, throw some cute pillows on it and you are done!  You will have a nice corner where you can read a book, have a chat with your friend or just take a nap. 

7. Hang string lights

If you have ever seen pictures of gorgeous backyards on Pinterest, you have probably noticed that they all have one thing in common- romantic string lights. You can buy them in a lot of stores, and regardless of whether you have wooden or metal furniture, your backyard will become a place from a fairy tale with just some string lights, pillows and sheepskin throws. 

8. Opt for gravel

When you have a tiny backyard, you need to make the most out of every part of it. Having a lawn is nice, but when it’s muddy outside you won’t really walk on the grass, right? Make a yard that you will be able to use at all times, rain or shine. Therefore, forget about grass and set up a stylish dining room on a bed of gravel instead. Your backyard will look modern, edgy and sophisticated while still being completely approachable.

9. Hang a hammock

If you want some island vibes in your back yard, why don’t you hang a hammock? Even if you don’t have any trees it is not a problem, since nowadays you can easily buy useful hammock stands. So, when you hang it, make it extra cozy with some throw pillows, floor cushions, a jute area rug, a small coffee table and several lanterns. 

10. Lay colorful tiles

In case you think your backyard is boring, you can completely turn things around with cute tiles with a whimsical pattern. Just make sure you opt for timeless and neutral furniture that won’t overwhelm the eye.

There you have it, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your tiny backyard. Think about what you will use it for, how much money you are willing to spend on it, and then let your imagination run wild. I’m sure you will come up with some amazing ideas!

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