09/30 A conversation with Sarah Susanka, author of ‘The Not So Big House’

author Sarah Susanka

author Sarah Susanka

The philosophy in designing a tiny house, architect Sarah Susanka says, isn’t like that in designing a typical home.

Instead, she says, “it’s more like designing a sailboat than a house.”

Susanka’s 1998 book, “The Not So Big House,” helped spur a movement that considers “how to make a better house, not a bigger house,” as she says…

We talked last week to Susanka about the utility, limitations, quality and allure of tiny homes.

Q: Some suggest living in a tiny home is no different than living in a mobile or modular home. Do you agree?

A: The difference between a tiny house and a regular module of one form or another is that the primary goal (of a modular home) is to keep costs down. The issues of the quality of materials, sustainability, aren’t really on their map.

(Tiny homes have) a different thought behind the design. A tiny home is very innovative. Not all are beautiful, but they’re innovative. And that attracts a different kind of person.

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