09/27 Tiny house, tiny home

Tyler Cragg's tiny home

Tyler Cragg’s tiny home

…With such a small living space, there’s not much room for a stack of unread magazines or a huge washer-dryer set.

“Everything’s got to be really efficient,” Cragg said. “You can’t have hallway space because that’s just a waste of precious floor area. Everything has to have multiple purposes.”

Although he wants to have a small impact on the environment, keeping his home free from clutter is another reason he’s choosing to live in a tiny house.

“You’re just looking at a kitchen and stuff, and you have 10 different bowls and all this other stuff, and how many do you ever actually use?” Cragg said. “So, it just kind of started with that, paring down more things and more things, and getting to what actually mattered, just to try to free up time.

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