09/27 For tiny house lovers, confines are ‘cozy’ not cramped

tiny house of Patric Mosomillo and  Ashley Crumb

tiny house of Patric Mosomillo and Ashley Crumb

Imagine walking into you home. You enter the living room. Five feet from the front door, there’s a two-in-one washer and dryer. Look up – your bed’s in that loft.

There’s a small television set and a mini sofa to your right. The sink and stove are 10 feet away.

This is a tiny house. Compared to an average-sized American home, the dimensions are minuscule — 26 feet long by 8 feet wide, 13½ feet from floor to ceiling.

But it’s not cramped. It’s cozy – at least that’s how Ashley Crumb and her boyfriend, Patric Mosomillo see it.

“It’s perfect for us,” Crumb said. “We don’t need anything bigger than this.”
The pair began building their own tiny house in Clinton in May, hoping to finish in a year.

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Elaine Walker