09/24 Tiny House Movement Catching on in Southeast Minnesota

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The tiny house movement is catching on in southeast Minnesota, according to a group interested in scaling down. About 20 people, many of which either have built or are in the process of building a small home, met a Forager Brewery.

Mattie and Steven Moore spoke to the group. The husband and wife say they quit their corporate jobs to build a tiny house and move to the Rochester area.

“The Rochester area just kind of came up because there are other tiny house builders in the area,” Steven said. “There’s the possibility of having a tiny house community.”
The group meets monthly and includes Mayo clinic workers, architects, and former corporate execs who are sick of living large.

Members of Tiny House People of SE Minnesota meet monthly to discuss building and living in tiny houses. The group has close to 200 members on Facebook, and draws people from Austin and Clear Lake areas, in addition to Rochester.

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Elaine Walker