09/24 People get peek at tiny house

people waiting to go into a tiny houseTiny houses are gaining popularity thanks to numerous cable television shows that highlight minimalist living.

People had the chance to check one out Saturday at Lorain Public Library Systems Columbia Branch [in Ohio], where a tiny house the size of a large storage shed was parked and attached to a pickup that had pulled it there.

At 128 square feet, the house has all the necessities — toilet, shower, stove, refrigerator and a bed in an upstairs loft — plus additional perks like air conditioning, high ceilings and multiple storage nooks.

Carl Baldesare, president of Small Spaces CLE, who also carries tiny business cards, said tiny home living isn’t for those who place a strong emphasis on belongings. Forget furnishings, large amounts of kitchenware or a wardrobe that requires a walk-in closet.

Baldesare said his company builds tiny homes on wheels that are up to 300 square feet and homes off wheels that are up to 1,000 square feet. Homes start in the $30,000 range, he said.

The key to such living is a minimalist existence, Baldesare said, and if you’re one who values lots of material items, such a home probably isn’t for you.

Baldesare said the average American spends 27 percent of their income on their home, but tiny home dwellers have realized that they need to spend only about 2.5 percent of their income on their home.

“Tiny living is its own special type of community,” he said. “What people strive to do is get rid of all their excess stuff and downsize to a situation where they can enjoy experiences over stuff.”

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