09/22 Debunking Tiny House Myths, Sage Advice from Someone Who’s Been There

tiny house of Michelle Jonice

tiny house of Michelle Jonice

For the past year, my tiny-house-under-construction has been parked in the driveway of my rental house. My end goal is to move into it to a place closer to my work once my two now-college-aged children have moved on to their own apartments. I am looking forward to a life with less financial obligations (I am already debt free) and more time to travel. The new tiny life, however, that I am imaging for myself is still full of so many unknowns and getting there has been harder than I imagined it would be.

First off, to clarify, I never assumed that building a tiny house would be easy. I have taken on big remodeling projects before and this one has been an equal challenge. At this point it is almost done and I will end up spending a bit less than 10% over my $30,000 budget. I also originally estimated it would take 18 to 24 months and I started on it one year and two weeks ago.

So, all in all, I’m doing pretty well as a self-builder. And, in the end, I am confident that building tiny house is the right thing for me and my future plans. With that said, however, the idea that “a simplified life in a tiny house is easier” works well as long-term goal; but certainly falls into the short-term-myth category.

And while I’m at it… there are a few other myths about tiny houses that I would like to debunk.

1. Downsizing while Building a Tiny House – The Dream vs Reality

During the time that I have been building my tiny house, my life has become a LOT more complex. And, despite my downsizing efforts in my main living space, I have mounds clutter in every room of the house. The kids are sick of it. I am sick of it. Quite literally, a LOT of stuff is required to build a tiny house.

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