09/21 How to register a tiny house on wheels in Connecticut

New Homemade Trailer:

To register a trailer that you have made (homemade), you will need the following:

  1. Receipts for the parts/items that were used to make the trailer. Please see Classification of Trailers as Homemade for more information.
    Completed Application for Registration and Certificate of Title (Form H-13). Download the form, fill out online, and print to bring with you. Vehicle information should identify the trailer being registered (i.e.: year-2010, make-Homemade, body style-boat trailer). A VIN will be assigned at time of inspection.
  2. Identification will be required to register a trailer. Please see list of Acceptable Forms of Identification.
  3. An Affidavit of Ownership (form H-115) must be completed. An Affidavit of Ownership (form H-115) must also be completed when prior ownership cannot be determined.


A safety inspection is required for all homemade trailers. Please see Inspection of Trailers for more information. A VIN will be assigned to the trailer. Please see Assignment of VIN for Trailers for more information. There is a $50 fee for the assigned VIN if the GVWR of the trailer is over 3,000 lbs.

A 10-day temporary registration will be issued for inspection purposes. The cost of the temporary plate is $21 for 10 days.

Fees (see acceptable forms of payment):

  • Registration fee – $19 to $22.50 (depending on month registered).
  • Title fee – $25 and $10 for each lien-holder listed. (if the GVWR is over 3,000 lbs.).
  • Safety plate fee – $5.
  • Sales tax will be 6.35 percent for vehicles purchased at $50,000 or less.  In addition, the sales tax will be 7.75 percent for vehicles over $50,000. Credit will be given if tax was paid on items when purchased.

Source: http://www.ct.gov/dmv/cwp/view.asp?a=810&q=245094


Elaine Walker