09/21 Apopka, FL firm makes Tiny House insurance affordable

NOAH certified tiny house

NOAH certified tiny house

Tiny Houses are hot. At last count there were at least six TV programs dedicated to convincing us that “living tiny” is actually possible for those who have come to expect “living large” as the American dream.

Tiny Houses do not necessarily come with tiny price tags. You can spend as little as $20,000 for a build-it-yourself home and as much as $220,000 for a 400 square-foot luxury tiny house from Tiny Heirloom.

But whatever the price tag, all tiny houses have shared one problem: Affordable Insurance.

UCF signInsurance companies have been reluctant to insure tiny houses for two reasons; the lack of consistent building standards and no way to know if the standards had been adhered to.

But where there is a problem there is an opportunity, and an Apopka entrepreneur has devised a solution.

Robin Butler is the founder and president of the National Organization of Alternative Housing (NOAH). His firm is a client of the UCF Business Incubator in Apopka.

NOAH has developed a set of standards and an inspection system that is beginning be accepted by the insurance industry.

NOAH announced today that the Foremost® Insurance Group will accept NOAH Certified Tiny Houses. Foremost® is a member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.

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Elaine Walker