09/20 Sanitizer waterless toilet

The Sanitizer waterless toilet

The Sanitizer waterless toilet

The Sanitizer™ is an appliance that dries and sanitizes solids, evaporates liquids, using air flow and short bursts of heat. The treated matter is removed in a bag. The unit weighs 43 pounds, needs only to be vented, plugged in and is ready to use. It is mobile, works off of 110 volt wall plugs, generators and solar. No special type of toilet paper is needed, there is no composting, no fire, and there are no chemicals or water. The user will simply replace the disposal bag every few days.

Liquid and solid human waste is deposited into the same disposal bag that sits in a wire bag holder deep beneath the toilet seat. The constant air flow instantly begins drying the deposited matter while also drawing air in from under the toilet seat, down and out the vent.

When the bag is full it is removed by lifting the top of the toilet unit which is hinged, removing the disposal bag and replacing it with a new bag, and closing the top. The disposal bag goes into the trash, sanitized and dried thereby not harming the environment.


• Very small and light weight: 25″ x 17″ x 21″ and 43 lbs.
• Strong air flow: 50 cubic feet per minute,72,000 cubic feet per 24 hour
• Uses very little energy: one kilowatt per day
• No odor due to killing the bacteria and constant venting
• Easy installation: just connect the vent pipe and plug in the unit
• Numerous safety features (see below)
• Lab tested to meet or exceed health safety standards
• A wire bag holder sits in the heating element
• The heating element cycles and is controlled with a timer periodically
heating the disposal bag contents.

Safety features include:

• A Ground Force Inhibitor (GFI) prevents electricity arcing
• The timer holds the temperature when the heater is on and lower than what
is required to burn paper
• Waste matter is sanitized: the pathogens are rendered harmless or killed,
as confirmed by lab tests
• A safety latch to hold the toilet seat closed when not in use.

Company website: Clean up America


Elaine Walker