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09/20 Popular tiny houses fighting to find a home in urban Wasatch Front communities

Alpine Tiny Home in Utah
Alpine Tiny Home in Utah
The tiny house movement has found a home in the Beehive State, but finding a place to put the small dwellings has become a challenge for anyone wanting to live in most urban communities along the Wasatch Front.

“When you deal with tiny homes there is a lot of gray area and that’s kind of the frustration with the tiny home community,” said Morgan Brim, who is the planning and development director for the small Utah County city of Vineyard.

He’s referring to city codes regarding the tiny homes , which aren’t really considered RVs or mobile homes, but in many cases, are not the same as traditional house – which makes it tough to find a legal place to put them.

“[Tiny homes] tend to be on the fringe of the local zoning laws,” Brim said.

The growing community of Vineyard is considering changes to the municipal code to allow tiny homes a place to set up in their city, but like other municipalities in northern Utah, officials are still deciding how, where, and how many tiny homes will be welcome.

“We’re not in favor of it, we’re not against it. We’re simply doing research on it,” Brim said.
Their examination of tiny homes comes at a critical time for people buying tiny houses, many of which are manufactured in Utah County at the booming business of Alpine Tiny Homes.

“Keeping up with the demand is the biggest challenge,” owner Boyd Riding said.

There’s a waiting list for an Alpine Tiny Home. Riding says most of his buyers are ditching their traditional homes and downsizing to just a few hundred square feet.

“The whole idea of a tiny house is to have less and to literally live simply, you don’t need all of the stuff in your home.”

The average tiny home buyer is debt free and well educated, Riding added.

“They’re the kind of neighbor you would probably want to have,” he said. They’re people like Leonard and Cidne O’Reilly, who recently retired and sold their Utah County home in hopes of leaving behind their stuff and moving into a tiny house.

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