09/19 Regional Australian designers join tiny house revolution with sustainable plans

An artist's impression of Joe Harvey-Jones's rotating house.

An artist’s impression of Joe Harvey-Jones’s rotating house.

Designers from regional Australia are joining the tiny home movement to help address housing unaffordability, lack of rental stock, and environmental sustainability.

The sixth annual Sustainable House Day, held in the northern New South Wales town of Mullumbimby, this year focused on tiny houses, with a competition for designers to come up with the best living space in 40 square metres or less.

Organiser Natalie Myer said there was huge public interest in the tiny house movement, which began to take off after Hurricane Katrina left many people homeless in the United States in 2005.

“We saw it as an opportunity to address the issue of houses being built larger and larger and larger which, in the long-term, is not sustainable,” she said.

“From our region’s point of view, there’s a massive shortage of affordable housing, so we saw this as an opportunity to spur on some development and enthuse some housing developers to start including some of this type of housing in their developments…”

“We’re all just realising that Australian dream of having a big house is not sustainable, and it’s not worth spending your entire life on that when you could build something, that may or may not move, and own it in less than a decade.”

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Elaine Walker