09/18 A house but No Home, due to zoning issues

tiny house in limbo in St. Cloud, MN

tiny house in limbo in St. Cloud, MN

The tiny house sits empty on the grounds of St. John’s Episcopal Church in south St. Cloud, MN…

And the search continues for a solution after the St. Cloud Zoning Board of Appeals last month denied a request to amend the church’s conditional use permit to allow the house to be used as a residential structure there…

“We certainly aren’t opposed to finding houses for the homeless,” St. Cloud Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman Drew Hultgren said. “In fact, we commended the church and the coalition for the work they are trying to do.

“It was rejected simply because there isn’t anything in the land development code that would have permitted it. The closest classification it fits is an RV, and those aren’t permitted under code to be used as a permanent residency. Unless the code changes, it was the board’s consensus that we couldn’t approve it.”

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Elaine Walker