09/17 Tiny Yellowknife Home, Inspired by Bear Attack, Leads to Meeting with City Council

Étienne Croteau's 350 sq ft home, inspired by a close encounter with a bear

Étienne Croteau’s 350 sq ft home, inspired by a close encounter with a bear

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada – “Honestly, the idea popped into my head after a bear attack,” said Étienne Croteau, who built his own tiny home and made a presentation to City Hall on the feasibility of a tiny home neighbourhood in Yellowknife this week.

“After that I decided I have to change the way I live and after maybe three days I came up with the idea of a tiny house…”

The next step for Croteau is to secure a lease from city council so that he can legally park his home on a piece of City-owned land.

The idea would then be to see if the city could support an entire neighbourhood of tiny homes.

To Croteau’s delight, Monday’s meeting at City Hall was jam-packed, and support seemed to come from every direction.

“[Council] received the idea of a tiny home neighbourhood project really with an open mind,” he said.

“I was really shocked but also not entirely surprised because I know City Hall and council is pretty open to this type of project.

“They want to retain the population here and this kind of project could apply to people of all walks of life.

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Elaine Walker