09/14 Ten Things to Think About Before you Downsize

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Have you ever dreamed of living the simple life with less stuff, less bills and less worries? Well, if you can handle living in a space smaller than the average living room, then you might want to go Tiny.

But before you sell up your McMansion, rush out and buy your tiny house kit or cement your ingenious space saving designs for that crumbling old caboose, it’s worth noting it’s not for everyone.

Here are ten things you should think before you downsize:

1. There are many types of tiny houses.
By now, we’re all probably familiar with the miniature kit homes, but don’t limit yourself by thinking that these are the only tiny spaces available. People have converted shipping containers, caravans, cabooses, tree houses, houseboats, yurts and teepees, buses, trains, trucks, domes, cabins, cottages, garages, guesthouses, sheds…. The limit is your imagination.

2. It’s nothing new.
In fact, Australia has some catching up to do. The tiny trend took hold in the States in the 70s – but it wasn’t until they were used to house the victims of Hurricane Katrina that they attracted large-scale media attention. Fuelled by the financial crisis of 2007, the popularity of tiny house continued to grow – and now, they are seen as viable alternative to traditional housing in Japan, Spain, England, Germany and Russia as well as the rest of the world.

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Elaine Walker