09/14 Could You Actually Live In A Downtown Houston Parking Space?

Parklet in Rice Village on PARK(ing) Day 2014.

Parklet in Rice Village on PARK(ing) Day 2014. Photo credit: Rice Design Alliance

It’s estimated that more than 20% of the land in downtown Houston is used for parking. But what if those spaces could be used for something other than vehicles? There’s an event coming up that’s reimagining those spaces.

As part of an international event known as PARK(ing) Day, more than 15 local groups are coming up with new uses for parking spots, with the emphasis on “park.”

They’re transforming spaces in front of downtown’s Chase Tower. One spot will be a meditation space. Another will become a putting green. And there will also be a yard for that tiny house that West and his friends built.

“For me, it’s sort of an investment in the creativity of the city’s residents, and how they’ll sort of come together and use the space in a way that’s not commodified in any sort of way,” West said.



Elaine Walker