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09/09 Q&A with Thomas Small and Corinne Watson, owners of Tiny Homes of Maine

Corinne Watson and Thomas Small outside their tiny home
Corinne Watson and Thomas Small outside their tiny home in Windham. They run Tiny Homes of Maine, a construction and design company focusing on tiny homes.
Husband-and-wife duo Thomas Small and Corinne Watson are the owners of Tiny Homes of Maine, a Windham-based company specializing in tiny homes.

Tiny Homes of Maine provides design and construction services for mobile tiny homes, which sit on a trailer.

Q. You and your husband are working on your first tiny house for a customer right now. What is the process for designing and constructing a tiny home?

A. The client comes to us with an idea for a layout and some pictures from the internet. We work with them to design a space they love. We may make a few changes to the design to stay within the client’s budget. Once the client approves the final design we begin construction.

Q. You said your husband makes 3-D renderings of homes to allow potential customers to “walk through” the home. Can you tell me more about how he does this and why this service is important to your process?

A. Sometimes it’s hard to visualize what your space is going to look like by viewing it on a 2-D layout. Tom creates a 3-D model to allow the customer to get a better feel for what it’s going to look like in real life. Tom also creates a 3-D rendering of the tiny home so you can take a virtual tour of the home’s interior and exterior.

Q. How big is the average tiny home?

A. Our model tiny home is on a 8.5-by-20-foot trailer and is 240 square feet, including the sleeping loft. I think that size is pretty average.

Q. You’ve had tiny homes on your radar for more than a decade. How, if at all, has the movement changed?

A. I think the tiny house trend has changed by becoming more popular by the TV shows. The movement has been more glamorized than in the beginning, when it was people who were sick of being tied to big homes and big mortgages.

Q. What are some of the benefits of living in a tiny home?

A. Simplifying life by scaling down to possess only the things that matter is very freeing. Also, by reducing the expenses and maintenance of a larger home, you are freeing up time and money to do the things you love. Your home is mobile, allowing many more opportunities to travel comfortably.

Read more – http://news.keepmecurrent.com/tiny-homes-the-trend-becomes-tiny-homes-the-biz-qa-with-thomas-small-and-corinne-watson/

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