09/09 Brainerd native to showcase tiny house in Duluth

B.A. Norrgard in front of her tiny home

B.A. Norrgard in front of her tiny home

B.A. Norrgard’s home is the size of a parking spot.

After spending months building her tiny house, she moved into the 78-square-foot house in the spring of 2013. She began traveling with her house several months later.

Before her tiny house, she owned a 1929 Tudor-style home in a historic neighborhood four miles east of Dallas and was working as a litigation paralegal.

“I was at a crossroads in my life. I’d been at the same career for 26 years and I was just looking for a change,” she said…

Living in a tiny house isn’t for everyone, even though they’re cute and trendy right now, she said.

“This style of living is a choice. It’s not a last resort. It’s a very intentional way of living,” she said. “I always like to point out that people don’t end up in tiny houses — they choose to live in them. It’s a choice and having a choice is a privilege. We’re all grateful for that privilege.”

She decided to live in a tiny house instead of downsizing to an apartment or condo because she has “a little bit of a gypsy soul,” she said.

“I had a 30-year mortgage and I felt really trapped by it and really tied down. A tiny house on wheels offers a lot of flexibility and allows my life to be fluid,” she said.

She first moved from her 1,148-square-foot house into a 600-square-foot apartment for a year before moving into her tiny house.

While reflecting on her childhood in Brainerd, she noted that she grew up in an a lot of small spaces: bunk beds, treehouses and snow forts, and ice houses while fishing.

“I had all of those small spaces and those all feel comfortable and familiar to me and so my tiny house just seemed really natural,” she said.

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