09/02 This mini modern home is just 194-square-feet — see inside!

Inside the tiny house of Lara Nobel and Andrew Carter.

Inside the tiny house of Lara Nobel and Andrew Carter. Photo by Tamara Armstrong

Lara Nobel and Andrew Carter considered affordability, home size and environmental impact when designing their very tiny house on wheels. The architecture graduates teamed up with builder Greg Thornton to bring their design to life. The new home, which they live in in Brisbane, Australia, and also take on road trips to display at events, addresses their needs without compromising modern comfort.

Nobel and Carter met at college while studying architecture, and the two graduates have since sidestepped into carpentry apprenticeships. They teamed up with builder Greg Thornton to form The Tiny House Co., a small business that specializes in the design and construction of compact dwellings. The business started with a research trip to Portland, Oregon, where the tiny house movement is well established.

The house serves both as the couple’s home and the company’s prototype. It has made nine trips in the months since its completion, going on display at events such as the Woodford Folk Festival. It’s now residing on leased land in Brisbane, and has the beginnings of a subtropical garden around the home.

The couple kept the home to a footprint of 24.5 by 8 feet with an efficient layout and smart storage. Their goal was to create a spacious and generous feeling inside.

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Elaine Walker