08/31 Pittsburg’s first tiny house

Pittsburg's first tiny house

Pittsburg’s first tiny house

Upon completion, Picker’s CityLab will solicit sealed bids starting at $100,000 — meaning mortgage payments and taxes could be as low $520 a month, while electricity and gas bills would be a fraction of yours.

“If you can compare it to what’s going on here in the East End, it’s very affordable. I wish it was more affordable,” Picker said.

The house is a pilot project and Picker would like to build more, but the cost of excavation and water and sewer hookups have proven to be much more expensive than anticipated — and she’ll likely sell at a loss.

Watch the video and read the article – http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2015/08/31/tiny-houses-pittsburgh/


Elaine Walker