08/29 Luxurious little cabin built to weather out northern winters

tiny cabin from the Little Cabin Company

tiny cabin from the Little Cabin Company

We’re big fans of sheds and cabins here on TreeHugger, and for good reason. They boil space down to only what is needed — a roof, four walls and basic comforts, and when built under a certain square footage, they don’t need a building permit to go up, meaning that DIYers can build all sorts of interesting little structures.

Fernie, British Columbia’s The Little Cabin Company custom builds these luxurious little 12’ by 11’3” cabins that are well-insulated with blown recycled fiber, which can withstand Canada’s northern temperatures.

Intended as glamper-type (“glamourous camping”) digs that are apparently quite popular in Europe, or as a backyard office space or yoga studio, these small cabins come in at 104 square feet, just under the 107 square feet that’s generally needed for a building permit in Canada, though interested buyers should double-check their local regulations…

The roof is quite distinctive, the company tells us: “Roof shape is designed to give height for extra accommodation, but also for the snow load. We live in the mountains and a standard cabin or pod roof won’t manage the snow load.” The space inside is cozy, but thanks to that extra-high roof-line, feels a little more spacious.

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Elaine Walker