08/28 Tiny house trends: Timbercraft looks to capitalize on ‘cute factor’

a Timbercraft Tiny Home

a Timbercraft Tiny Home

Doug Schroeder, a 20-year veteran of the homebuilding industry, is considering making a big career move. Or rather, a small one.

Schroeder founded Alabama-based Timbercraft Tiny Homes late last year as a side project to his main homebuilding business. But he quickly discovered the demand for tiny homes was stronger than he ever imagined. And now, he has tentative plans to shutter his traditional building business — which typically pulls in about $700,000 in annual revenue — to focus exclusively on the tiny structures…

“The thing about it that I enjoy, you don’t have near the competition you do in big homes. In the big homes, it’s all about who can give me the biggest house for the least money,” he said. “This is totally different. You’re building quality, and people are interested in quality and in the details.”

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