08/25 Interest in tiny house movement big in DeKalb and still growing

tiny house in Atlanta, GA

tiny house in Atlanta, GA

The houses themselves may be small, but the tiny house movement is continuing to grow in cities in and around DeKalb, thanks largely to a local group championing and educating on the alternative lifestyle.

Tiny House Atlanta is an advocacy and education group created by Will Johnston and has gone from 11 initial members in 2014 to almost 1,500. Johnston said his group is now the largest of its kind in the nation.

For Johnston, the movement is all about community and enjoying life, he said.

Once-upon-a-time, Johnston had a corporate job, a midtown condo and a brand-new car, but a feeling of dissatisfaction led him to sell nearly all of his material possessions, quit his job and hit the road. After traveling for some months and “reclaiming his soul,” he returned to Atlanta and began what is now Tiny House Atlanta.

“Our society says work longer and work harder […] and with our culture, we work too much and forget to live,” he said. “Not having a sense of community is the reason for many of the issues society has, and tiny houses are so much more than a cool space — they are just the tip of the iceberg in a much bigger conversation society needs to be having.”

Today, the group works with local governments and cities to see how they can incorporate the tiny house lifestyle into individual communities, helping them look at things like ordinances and strategic planning.

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Elaine Walker