08/25 Couple builds their own adventurous 204 sq. ft. modern shed home

Samantha and Robert in their tiny house in  Yakima, WA

Samantha and Robert in their tiny house in Yakima, WA

Smaller homes need not feel like coffin boxes — that’s what the purveyors of “big is always better” want you to think. We’ve seen numerous times how small spaces can be made to feel larger, with the use of efficient space-saving concepts for furniture and spaces, changing the roof line, or just simply having big windows that open up to the outside, letting light in and letting you feel like you’re a part of the greater outdoors.

Based out of Yakima, Washington, Samantha and Robert recently finished building their own 204-square-foot tiny home. Both are familiar with plunging into the unknown, backpacking through Europe and South America, and road-tripping through the United States with only their car and a tent. Both Samantha, a pediatric nurse and Robert, an architectural designer, work full time jobs, so they completed their tiny home project over the weekends and whenever they had spare time, taking them 14 months in all to get the job done. It’s a surprisingly spacious home, with a lot of modern touches that makes the space feel uncluttered and open.

They’ve nicknamed their home “SHED”, documenting the process of downsizing over on their blog, Shedsistence. It does look very much like a shed on the outside, though with lovely little touches like the angled doorway that gives the facade a lot more interest. They say:

“Ultimately, we wanted the aesthetic of our home to represent the lifestyle it afforded: simplicity. We were drawn to the nickname ‘SHED’ because it spoke to the simple form and a utilitarian design that we sought (noun) while simultaneously speaking to the process of downsizing and simplifying (verb).”

Read more and see all the beautiful pictures – http://www.treehugger.com/tiny-houses/shedsistence-tiny-home.html


Elaine Walker