08/24 Walsenburg, CO welcomes tiny houses on foundations

photo of Walsenburg, CO with mountains in the background

Walsenburg, CO

Message from Jack Dody, Walsenburg representative:

We would like to invite all of your readers to Walsenburg!

The cost of hooking up your tiny house at this time should be less than $4000 for all utilities combined – water, sewage, electricity. Natural gas may be available, or propane may be the only option.

Land prices are very reasonable. Some lots are only $2000! Some are up to $10,000, depending on size and desirability. Prices are going to go up quickly when people start coming to Walsenburg. After the Jamboree, we have had many visitors.

Misc notes: Tiny houses are legal in residential areas of the town of Walsenburg. Homes are to be placed on permanent foundations and built to a modified International Building Code of 2015.

You can thank Mr. David Roesch and the city council of Walsenburg for the three years of frustrating, expensive work required to make tiny houses legal in Walsenburg. They are making copies of their legal documents related to tiny houses available to anyone who wants to bring tiny houses to their communities.

Regulations available here: http://americantinyhouseassociation.org/walsenburg-colorado-modifies-building-code-to-be-tiny-house-friendly/


Elaine Walker