08/23 French tiny house L’Odyssée has a different take on the living room

Odysee tiny house by Baluchon

Odysee by Baluchon

Small spaces may not seem like much to work with at first, but creativity can actually shine more when there are constraints, as opposed to having too much latitude. Tiny homes and small apartments are great examples of how limitations can become an advantage, as we’ve seen with the various ‘transformer’ spaces or interesting space-saving solutions that people have come up with that are quite inspiring and translatable to our own spaces.

Based out of Nantes, France, tiny house building company Baluchon presents another variation on the tiny house theme. Founded by designer Laëtitia, who was inspired by her dream to build her own tiny home and moved out of Paris back to her hometown of Nantes to realize her passion for something different, the company now has carpenter Charles and eco-construction expert Vincent teaming up together to build small homes like the lovely Odyssée.

In particular, the 217-square-foot Odyssée features an intriguing layout for the sitting area that we haven’t seen before. Rather than being tucked under a secondary loft, it sits elevated at the other end from the entrance, lit with a great, triangular window that cross-ventilates with another triangular window on the opposite side of the home.

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Elaine Walker