08/23 Downside of downsizing: Tiny house has wheels but no place to go

Inside of Tommy and Dewey Reen's tiny house

Inside of Tommy and Dewey Reen’s tiny house

Tommy and Dewey Reen have been downsizing since they moved out of the colonial house they bought in Cape Cod when they got married eight years ago.

They moved in and out of cottages and condos throughout the country, then finally built their dream home – a 288-square-foot, one-room house on wheels.

Now they just need a place to put it.

The owners of an over-the-phone life-coaching business, the couple in their 30s can live anywhere they can get a cell signal.

They’ve zeroed in on either South Portland or Cape Elizabeth, because they are near Dewey Reen’s family, or California.

Where they end up will depend on who is willing to host them.

“The universe will tell us where it wants us to be,” Tommy Reen said…

Code regulations haven’t caught up with the movement, which has emerged in recent years as a way to save money, reduce environmental impact and live more simply.

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Elaine Walker