08/21 Six micro houses for homeless find permanent space

Microshelters for the homeless on their way to their land in Nashville, TN

Microshelters for the homeless on their way to Green Street Church of Christ in Nashville, TN

The colorful cluster of homes here in our city represents the coordination of two congregations, underlining their attitudes about homelessness and how people should live. But it also makes a grander statement: Envisioning is good, but acting is vital.

“When you take an action, people follow,” the Rev. Jeff Obafemi Carr said Thursday afternoon as he watched the construction crew caulk awnings and paint doorframes of the blue, yellow and orange homes…..

The key to the idea, Carr said, was not to form committees and hold endless meetings, where the intention would devolve into much conversation but little action. Instead, he said, it was just to do it.

So, two months ago, Carr moved into a micro home built by Jones’ crew and positioned on Monroe Street. He vowed to stay there until the GoFundMe campaign started by Infinity raised $50,000 — enough money to build at least six of the single-room, 60-square-foot residences, which cost about $7,500 each to construct.

It took 45 days to raise the money.

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Elaine Walker