08/20 Horry County SC takes steps to catch up to tiny house movement

Horry County, SC

Horry County, SC

Tiny homes are getting more popular these days, as many people choose to simplify and downsize their homes, but local zoning laws and building codes haven’t kept up with the tiny house movement.

Right now, if an individual wants to build a single tiny house on his own lot in Horry County, SC it can be done, as long as the owner follows building codes.

However, developers are talking about building tiny house communities in the area and that would require changes in county law.

“Our issue is with setbacks and lot sizes when it comes to an actual subdivision of tiny homes,” said Horry County public information officer Lisa Bourcier.

Thursday, the county council’s infrastructure and regulation committee directed county planners to come up with suggested changes in the law to allow tiny house communities.

Turning old shipping containers into housing for homeless veterans is one new idea for that type of community.



Elaine Walker