08/18 How to Live in a 480-Square-Foot House Without Killing Your Husband

Weekend getaway cabin turned fulltime home

Weekend getaway cabin turned fulltime home

…..And lastly, there is the issue of co-habitation in a 480-square-foot house. My husband and I have been married, happily, for almost three decades, and getting along hasn’t been much harder here than elsewhere. But there are those times when the TV’s too loud and you can’t just shut yourself off in another wing. No matter the climate — and believe me it gets cold here — outdoor living is very important in tiny-house life.

So there is this: I can sit outside, escaping the thunderous booms and crashes of one of the action-adventure movies my husband loves watching. As dusk approaches, I can listen to the “hoo-hoo” of our hollow’s resident owl. Soon, the lightning bugs begin to twinkle in the dense woods just beyond the house and the coyotes begin their mournful howls.

You see, when my husband and I need a break from each other, the break can sometimes also turn into an experience. And that’s what tiny-house living is all about.

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Elaine Walker