08/14 So what ever happened to Katrina Cottages?

Katrina Cottage

Katrina Cottage

The Katrina Cottage Originally conceived by New Urbanists including Marianne Cusato, Steve Mouzon and Bruce Tolar as a response to Hurricane Katrina; the little yellow version designed by Marianne Cusato inspired many people, including me, who saw it as a solution to the problems of affordable housing. I wrote at the time:

“We are on the cusp of a revolution, where small, efficient and affordable houses on narrow lots in walkable neighbourhoods will be the new normal and the new hot commodity…”

To the question of why didn’t the Katrina Cottage idea sweep the nation: Heck, the idea didn’t even sweep Coastal Mississippi. The Tolar-Cloyd-Dial neighborhoods took seven years to critical mass, while proposals to do something similar in other locations were blocked by local planning boards, elected officials and neighbors, even when units could be had for free or for greatly reduced costs over building on site.

People wanted things the way they were.

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Elaine Walker