08/12 Ten tips for living small from tiny home owners

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons ofTiny Home Expedition in front of their tiny house

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons ofTiny Home Expedition in front of their tiny house

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons, a couple who built their own tiny home on wheels, emphasize how important it is to gather information before you move into a small space.

First, ask yourself, realistically, “How tiny is right for you?”

If you want to travel often, they recommend buying or building a smaller home on wheels that’s 160 square feet or less. That way, it’ll be easy to move.

That’s what Stephens and Parsons did — they’re currently traveling the country and making a documentary about living small, called Tiny House Expedition.

If you’re considering building a tiny house yourself, they said, make sure to ask other DIY tiny home owners for support and guidance. If you’re doing any construction, be aware of your city’s zoning restrictions.

De-clutter and keep only what you love.
Stephens and Parsons say you can embrace your personal style while only keeping the few possessions you really value and need.

“Living minimally doesn’t mean depriving yourself,” Stephens says. “Keep your absolute most favorite things, and design around them.”

Add wall-mounted shelves to display and store your things.
Wall shelves are an easy way to open up a room, Stephens and Parsons say, since they free up floor space. Be careful not to clutter the shelves with lots of stuff, though.

“Open shelving allows you to see what you have, while maintaining openness,” they say.

One good option to buy: a $57 shelf with drawers from Ikea.

Invest in multi-functional furniture and accessories.
Almost everything in Stephens and Parsons’ tiny home has at least two functions — some as many as five. For example, their staircase functions a seat, storage chest, bookshelf, and closet. And when the sliding door to the bathroom is closed, it reveals a hidden pantry. To embrace multi-functional items on a small scale, you can start with a set of nesting bowls with built-in measuring cups that you can buy on Amazon for $28.

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