08/12 I Thought I Wanted to Live In a Tiny House—Until I Spent the Night In One!

Getaway tiny house in the woods

Getaway tiny house in the woods

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of living in a tiny house ever since I saw TINY, a documentary about a couple who decide to downsize and build their own home on a flatbed trailer. The idea of simplifying and consolidating everything in my life into 300 square feet sounded great to me. Plus, I’ve lived in New York City apartments for the past 11 years—moving into a tiny house wouldn’t be that big of a change, right? So when Getaway recently offered to let me stay in one of their new tiny houses in upstate New York, I jumped at the opportunity to see if tiny house living was actually for me.

The verdict? While I loved staying in a tiny house for a weekend getaway in the woods, I can safely say I won’t be permanently moving into my own miniature abode any time soon. These are the five reasons why:

1. Pets. I recently adopted two kittens and the only thing that keeps me sane is being able to lock them out of my bedroom at night. While they look sweet, they have the energy of a pack of hyenas and are AWAKE starting at 5:30 am everyday. Since the tiny house I stayed in was built as a retreat for short trips, there would have been no space to separate them from me and my precious sleep. Let’s just say I was super happy that I left them home with a cat sitter. When they’re full-grown and can sleep through the night, maybe I could consider living with them in a tiny house but then again, there’s still the issue of their litter box… so, maybe not.

2. Baking. I absolutely adore baking. The process of making a layer cake or batch of brownies from start to finish is my form of meditation. Even though my apartment’s kitchen is small, it still has a full size oven, which makes all the difference. Unless I could customize a tiny house to include a regular-sized oven, I’ll have to pass. Same goes for a regular-sized refrigerator—living with a mini fridge would make me feel like I was still in college.

3. The toilet. I’ve never appreciated my toilet more than when I got back to my apartment after my tiny house experience. The Getaway house we stayed in had an electric toilet, and if you’ve never used one before… well, it’s an experience to say the least. Using a waterless system, the toilet “flushes” all waste by some strange method of space-age witchcraft that involves sucking away everything with a lot of Mylar. That and you only get 15 flushes per day. While we ended up only using 12 flushes (one for the video below, of course!), the whole ordeal gave me anxiety. But it is super cool to watch, so maybe I could deal with not having a normal septic tank in exchange for getting to see this every day.

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Elaine Walker