08/11 From tiny houses to breweries, builders ride trends to greater profits

Upper Valley Tiny Home

Upper Valley Tiny Home

Builders across the U.S. are boosting their bottom lines by creating niche specialties that fill unmet consumer demand…

Big market for ‘tiny houses’

For years, Upper Valley Builders in Cedar City, UT, built residential cabins and backyard sheds. Gradually, however, more phone calls started coming in from potential homeowners who wanted the company to make those sheds a little bit bigger — so they could live in them.

The interest in “tiny houses” spurred the company to change its name to Upper Valley Tiny Homes and to focus on building homes as small as 128 square feet.

Note: The picture you see above here is from Upper Valley Tiny Homes but the picture in the original article linked below was not built by any of the builders listed in the article.

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