08/10: Town of Ripon: Tiny house must go now. Request for extension denied.

the Smith family in front of their tiny house

the Smith family in front of their tiny house

The owner of a property on which Ripon’s only “tiny house” sits will be fined for allowing it to be there.

The town of Ripon Board voted 2-1 Monday evening to assess Rick Erdmann, owner of N7815 Highway 44-49, a base fine of $500 plus $50 a day for every day the tiny house remains on the property, starting with Tuesday.

Erdmann had been noticed in late June that the tiny house was in violation of town zoning codes, and had to be moved by Aug. 1, lest a fine be levied.

As of Monday, according to the board, the “tiny house” remained on the Erdmann’s property, leading to the Town Board’s discussion.

The tiny house in question is the residence of Jessica and the Rev. Adam Smith, as well as two children.

Built on a 32-foot trailer bed, the home is approximately 400 square feet — at the upper end of the “tiny home” standard of 200 to 400 square feet.

Source – http://www.riponpress.com/Content/News/Ripon-News/Article/Town-of-Ripon-Tiny-house-must-go-now/2/35/10248


Elaine Walker