08/08 Tiny house, tiny footprint: Recycled materials boost the appeal

Greg Parham's tiny home

Greg Parham’s tiny home (Photo: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses)

Contrary to their moniker, tiny houses have left a big mark over the past decade. Typically ranging from 100 to 400 feet, these cozy dwellings have solidified themselves as the architectural darlings of budget-minded minimalists.

Our obsession with simplicity aside, one of the most enduring reasons why people are so attracted to the idea of tiny houses is because of how ecologically friendly they can be. This is especially true for homes that are constructed from recycled materials like old flooring, salvaged barn wood and reclaimed shipping pallets…

There are a few defining principles that unite all of these humble abodes, however. An effective use of physical space and a smart, intuitive design is vital for meeting the basic needs of residents, but perhaps most importantly, these charming little homes should act as a vehicle for the lifestyle that the inhabitants wish to pursue.

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Elaine Walker