08/07 Vacation in a tiny home by the sea? Developer’s plan for Flagler Beach

Tiny house on Flagler Beach, FL

A developer hopes putting up this tiny house model will convince local leaders let him build a motel, or even a whole community, of them in Flagler Beach.

A Flagler Beach developer wants to build the very first beachside tiny home motel, or possibly an entirely tiny beachside community.

The A1A motel in Flagler Beach is across the street from the ocean.

But sitting on its parking lot right now and throughout the weekend is a tiny house complete with kitchen, toilet and shower, as well as plenty of pantry space.

It even has a loft for a queen-size bed above the kitchen.

“This is traditionally built like a home, the only difference obviously is that its small,” said tiny house developer Manuel Alexio.

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Elaine Walker