08/06 Getting to know our tiny house’s quirks

kitchen of the Tiny House Travelers

kitchen of the Tiny House Travelers

One month ago, we parked our house in its new location. This past weekend, we finally moved in.

We’d already hooked up the water and propane, so spent the weekend plugging in to the main house and setting up our internet — both of which required hundreds of feet of cables and some trench digging. All you do is plug in, and you’re set! It’s so easy! I read this over and over again on tiny house blogs, as if you’re simply plugging in a really big toy into a power outlet. Unless you live on a tidy, straightforward plot of land where everything you need is immediately surrounding your little house, it’s not that simple.

So, we’re nearly settled, except for one thing: we never planned on plugging into the grid. Our solar installation is still up in the air, and we’re working with a local company to finalize our setup. This pending solar stuff aside, all is well, and it’s great to be moved in. And I’m learning about our house’s quirks as we go, which has been interesting so far.

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Elaine Walker