08/06 Eclectic Home Tour – Handcrafted Movement

interior of a Handcrafted Movement tiny house

interior of a Handcrafted Movement tiny house

Matt of Handcrafted Movement in Washington state took his expertise from working in his families residential development company to catapult himself into the tiny house movement.

“I’m striving towards creating what I call “fresh excellence” by valuing Artistry & Craftsmanship equally along with fully engaging my head, heart and hands. I pull inspiration from many styles and themes – currently: modern farmhouses, Paris apartments, Scandinavian interior designs, Boho chic, etc as well as the spaces I see in my world travels. I guess some of my common themes are to manipulate raw materials as little as necessary and to combine different mediums – wood, metal, leather, glass, plants …” says Matt.

“I’m just getting started but see each tiny house as a blank canvas and am excited to use these next projects to explore different design directions.”

Read more – http://eclecticallyvintage.com/2016/08/eclectic-home-handcrafted-movement-tiny-house/


Elaine Walker